Hubert James
Hubert met and befriended Jim Adams over twenty years ago and he has impacted hundreds of people since.  Hubert is the caretaker of Reef Watch and he is simply the difference maker in the vacation.  He will greet you at the airport and instantly you will feel welcome.  It only gets better from there.  Hubert will get you to where you want to go and get you what you need when you get there.  If you want a suggestion for something fun or interesting to do just ask Hubert.  He knows where the best, most authentic Jamaican restaurants are or if you prefer he will cook for you in the Reef Watch kitchen.  If you want great prices on local crafts or souvenirs, Hubert will hook you up.  If you want fresh fish, lobster, octopus or conch Hubert will catch it for you.  If you want he will show you how to catch it yourself the Jamaican way.  Hubert will take you to all the local sights and he usually knows the owner or manager so he can often get you the Reef Watch discount.  He will introduce you to his friends and family in and around Scarlett Hall so that you can enrich your holiday with local culture.  Hubert will calm your worries and smooth the bumps in the road so that your trip is as perfect as it can be.  Whenever you ask Hubert to help with anything you always get a big smile and the classic Jamaican response, "Yeah Mon, no problem!"  As one Reef Watch guest said:
"Hubert has become a good friend indeed.  If everyone had his type of attitude the world would be a much better place to live." 
Experience Jamaica the Jamaican way!